Take control of your own SELF.  IT’S YOUR POWER!

It is time to take charge of your emotional and psychological health and well-being. Your feelings matter. You matter. You deserve to be in a better emotional and psychological state. You make the decision of what’s important in your life.

Say YES to JOY. Feel, see, hear, love the difference.

Woman JoyExhaustion? Giving up? Can’t seem to get a handle on resolving your problems?
You can solve this…
Breath again.

I will help you discover the best part of yourself. Design your new self, the way you want.. Be whom you desire to be. Yes, it is possible. Time is ticking! Start NOW.

I use a variety of therapeutic techniques including: Therapeutic Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. It’s an efficient approach with long-lasting results.


What should I expect in therapy?

Therapy is an inner, personal exploratory brain trip to uncover challenges and discover new pathways to wellness and desired goals.

How can therapy help me?

  • Therapy can help you to move on, to create a life that is more accord with your perspective.
  • To heal from psychological wounds that have been affecting you, sometimes for years.
  • To discover tools that will help you deal with the ordeals in life.

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Client Testimonials.

Now I know the decision I took to see you for therapy was the BEST DECISION of my life, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! it’s well worth my traveling to Saint Pete.  – Rose, Brandon

I am thrilled to say that Lola is amazing, Every time I left, I felt so relaxed and focused on what I needed to work on. It was refreshing and enlightening and Lola’s accent will put you in an amazing transformation of a new fun peaceful you. – Casey F-M. Tampa

She is different. Lola really gets things done. – Silenia M. Tampa

I started seeing Lola at a very stressful time in my life. She gave me the support and tools I needed to manage my stress, to become more self-assured, and to connect with who I really am. – Miriam B, St. Pete