RESURGENCE (adj.) rising again, as to new life, vigour.

We know now that the brain is malleable, that is, it has plasticity, and although we may think we are set on out old ways, there is always room for change and growth. The brain learns by experiences that usually come through the senses, that is why new learning patterns will require new visual, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic (feeling), or even espacial-time modes. Repetition and practice are also key in developing a new, positive experience.

Resurgence Lotus TreeThe goal if for the client to learn the tools needed to deal with challenges on their own. But mostly to feel good about the decisions they have to make about those challenges. To be a more effective, positive, integrated self.

What to expect in therapy?

First session can range from 1.5 to 2 hours. Although longer sessions are offered if needed, for example if somebody is out of town. Most people expect to tell what is wrong, and certainly I need to know. However, we won’t dwell in the negatives. We will dig in to the positives, so the client can move from non-desired emotional states to the desired ones.

Different tools such as relaxation, language reprogramming (change the way we talk), brain entrainment, or kinesthetic techniques are used, depending on the needs of the client. The client will always have the power to consent to any technique that is put forth.

Life-enhancement is the approach used to totally integrate a person, that is, to make the desired goal and state a close, true reality. It is the person’s well being as a whole.

Special areas of expertise include:

  • Women’s Issues: if you feel down, can’t cope, relationship troubles, life-changes processes, body image.
  • Stress and anxiety including generalized anxiety, PTSD; work-related, relationships, life stressors.