It is common, and encouraged by society, in these days that women function within a big variety or roles. Roles are not neatly defined like they were 50 years ago when a woman’s main goal was to get married, have children, and take care of everybody, the house, the bills, grocery shopping, etc.

No, the roles now have extended to being all that plus a beast at the gym, super skinny, super mom, and have a super job, that although will take 80% of your time you should be super happy about… But please, do not neglect all other duties…

Pressure? Nah, a woman can handle it, right???

Then the friends may not be so much help, because in those rare occasions you can get together, part of the fun is talking about stuff that stresses you out…

Is psychotherapy important? Maybe the most important decision in your life.

To have somebody that listens without judgment, with whom you can share any thoughts of feelings, and whom can help you get through you life in an easier, clearer perspective of what’s important for you.

I see lots of young women in my practice, and they have already started the role-expanding adjustment. And it is healthy to add variety to your life, and to try different things to see what goes with you more. It is important to get to know yourself. However it is more important to get to know limits, boundaries, and to say no to things that are not achievable

Dreams are fantastic, hope indispensable, but to learn to use them in a wise manner that works for you is paramount.

Women of the world!!! There is hope, and there is fun and excitement and love if you let it. Don’t let others dictate who you are, or suppose to be. Be who you want to be.